Which England Player Are You?

by Jack Peat 0

A poll of British workers has sought to establish which player they would be in their work team.

While almost half (44 per cent) see themselves as the Joe Hart ‘safe pair of hands’ in the office, 32 per cent see themselves as ‘the lynchpin’ with characteristics most comparable to talisman Jamie Vardy.

Thirty per cent see themselves as James Milner (AKA, the workhorse) and 23 per cent align themselves with defensive maestro  Gary Cahill, who is seen as the player who gives ‘solid support’ to the rest of the team.

The study, which was commissioned by on-demand food delivery service Deliveroo, also revealed that a small but powerful eight per cent of us reckon we channel Wayne Rooney in our role as ‘The Boss’- making key decisions and motivating the rest of the team.

Psychologist in elite sport Robbie Anderson had this to say whilst assessing the England squad ahead of their match tonight against Iceland: “It’s the rich balance of youthful passion and experienced pros that makes England’s Euro team exciting.

“The challenge of building any effective team is to balance ambition and stability. England’s young players may feel less pressure of expectation, so they can play with fearless hunger. There was certainly a hint of that in the impressive performances by Dyer, Rose and Walker against Russia. Joe Hart presents himself as a vocal leader on the field, along with Gary Cahill, and both could rally the changing room ahead of their clash with Iceland. Rooney will likely reassure players individually – reminding them that just making the squad shows they’re world class players.”


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