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It costs £67,000 over a lifetime to be a sports fan, a new study has found.

Avid sports fans will be out of pocket to the tune of £347.16 per year just in admission costs, with travel and accommodation adding a whopping £227.76 per year on, merchandise £36.74 per year, TV subscriptions £228.96 per year and drinks and food while watching a game in a pub or bar £204.36 per year.

And for some that cost could be even higher. More than a quarter of the 2,000 sports fans surveyed by OnePoll admit they spend an average of around £207 a year travelling abroad to follow their favourite sport or team.

Although such expenses are somewhat prohibitive. Some 83 per cent believe it’s somewhat expensive to be a true sports fan these days, with football fans watching Premier League matches frequently priced out of watching their team.

A spokesman for online market research company OnePoll, which carried out the study, said: “Sometimes being passionate about something can cost money.

“But it doesn’t necessarily mean it is wasted cash as being a supporter means you’re helping to keep a business alive. Having said that, it’s surprising to see just how much money the typical sports fan ends up spending over the course of their adult lifetime. What seems like a small amount every time, can really add up without noticing, meaning the nation could be spending billions on keeping track of their idols.”




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