One In Five British Men Prefer Boxing Day Footy To Christmas

by Jack Peat 0

OK, it’s time to fess up; how many people are looking forward to Boxing Day football more than Christmas day itself?

Sure a turkey dinner goes down well, a glass of champagne is always welcomed and you finally get a refreshed socks and pants drawer, but none of that really compares to a full complement of fixtures on Boxing Day.

You wake up refreshed after a 14-hour-plus kip, read-up on the previews and head down the bookies to see laid in front of you a spread of accumulator options you can hardly believe. Eight EPL fixtures! Twenty Championship teams in action! It’s every football fan’s dream.

According to new research millions of men across the country are giving Santa the red card this Christmas, admitting that the thing they look forward to most is the Boxing Day kick-off.

A fifth of British blokes say the thing they most look forward to over the festive season is the footy, with a further 40 per cent said that being left to watch the matches alone would be a present all on its own.

The average chap will spend seven hours watching footie over the festive period, including live games, highlights shows and catching goals online – and almost one in 10 reckon they’ll watch over 20 hours of the beautiful game.

But 30 per cent of men say their family get annoyed with the amount of football they watch.

Sports channel bosses will be rubbing their hands with glee as almost half of the nation’s blokes say they’re most likely to watch football at Christmas – more than those who’ll watch a James Bond film, the Queen’s speech or even the manliest of festive films, Die Hard.

Four in 10 men say that their absolute favourite thing about the festive period is a full round of footie fixtures on Boxing Day or the packed football schedule – this beats out mince pies, the Christmas turkey and seeing relatives.

A spokesman for matched betting site Profit Accumulator, who commissioned the poll of 2,000 men, said: “We knew that British blokes love their football, but we didn’t realise quite how much.

“In fact, it looks like they’d be willing to forego almost everything else at Christmas, as long as the packed fixture list was allowed to remain.

“Using a service like Profit Accumulator would be a great way to earn a bit of extra cash to pick up some presents, making the football even more enjoyable.”

However the nation’s love affair with the sport only extends as far as watching – only five per cent of blokes will get out and play football themselves, preferring to get their fix on the TV.

Over half of the nation’s men reckon they’re likely to receive a disappointing present at Christmas, with 52 per cent glumly expecting to unwrap a pair of socks on the big day.

Four in 10 men regularly put bets on football matches, and three quarters of those use online apps, with 15 per cent heading into shops.

Nearly one in 10 blokes are more likely to put a bet on as a Christmas treat than at any other time of the year.

And it seems the key to a man’s happiness is easy – just make sure their team wins, with 55 per cent of blokes saying their Christmas period would be “ruined” if their team lost every game over the period.

A spokesman for said: “Naff presents, disappointing turkey and not getting a minute’s peace can make the Christmas period tricky, but at least there’s always football to offer an escape.

“We may not be able to guarantee a good result for your team, but at least we can make watching the game a bit more exciting by using our service.”

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