Manchester United Revamped

by Louis Herbert 0

Manchester United fans are really starting to get excited as the season draws closer, and the team seems to be getting better and better. To start with, Louis Van Gaal was dismissed after what can only really be described as a poor performance over the past few seasons. The world-famous club will be taken over by ex-Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, who seems excited about his new role. Mourinho has been signed by the club on a £10 million, 3-year contract; double what his predecessor Louis Van Gaal was paid.

‘‘Zlatan needs no introduction’’

The new United boss is wasting no time after making his way to Old Trafford, and seems like he has had no trouble settling back in to the Premier League. Recently, it has been speculated on exactly who Mourinho plans to sign and who he plans to sell on to other clubs. Marcus Rojo is heavily amongst these speculations; he has had a very questionable season at best and has really been having trouble helping his team towards a clean sheet in the games that he has played. Juan Mata is also amongst these speculated sales; experts believe he really doesn’t seem to fit Mourinho’s sledgehammer style of play. Whether these players, amongst others, will manage to hang on and have a chance to step up their game over the coming months is yet to be confirmed.

On the other hand though, Mourinho’s recent signings have seemed to really breathed new life into the club. One of the biggest signings, not just for Mourinho but for United’s club history, is French league superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Ibrahimovic was transferred from PSG last week, for whom he scored an astounding 113 goals in 117 appearances during his 4 years in the Ligue 1. Ibrahimovic says that’s he’s delighted to be joining the club, and Mourinho seems just as excited after stating ‘Ibra is one of the best strikers in the world, and a player who always gives 100%.’ After a huge display was put on the side of the Manchester Arndale, it seems Ibra is settling in nicely.

”he will be a nine or a 10 – a nine and a half maybe – but not a six and not even an eight.”

Borussia Dortmund midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan is also one of Mourinho’s targets, and is very much poised to join the club over the coming weeks. A deal is thought to have been made somewhere around the £26 million mark, which is stated to have been an ‘enormously valuable offer’ to the German club. Supporters are excited to see how his style of play will fit into the club, and look forward to seeing him in action within the English Premier League. There is no doubt that he will be playing in the midfield, somewhere around where Rooney was looking to play. However, Mourinho has other ideas, after joining the club he has managed to convince Rooney that his transition to a midfielder should be stopped, and that his role as a number 9 or 10 is where he belongs as oppose to the 6 or 8 type role that he seems to have had his eyes on over recent years.

Also in recent news concerning Manchester United is the departure of club legend Ryan Giggs. Giggs has been a coach at United over recent years, and after being Louis Van Gaals number 2 for a while now, he has taken the decision to move on to other positions at other clubs. Mourinho has said that Giggs would’ve always had a role at the club under him, but went on to say that he understands his decision to seek a management role elsewhere.


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