Your Guide to the Semi Final – Germany vs France

by Louis Herbert 0

27615864292_e2eeb531fc_z‘Germany are Germany. They’re the reigning world champions and one of the best sides at the European Championship’

The Germany V France is set to be one of those classic games, with both giants having faced each other many times in the past both have good ideas of what to expect. Throughout the tournament, bar their game against Italy, Germany have pretty much been in control and dominated each and every game they’ve had throughout the tournament, but with France being probably the toughest opponent yet the upcoming game shouldn’t be a walk in the park for either team. Similarly, France have been in control of every game they’ve had, and have come this far unbeaten, and with a strong crowd of home supporters it really could go either way.

‘France haven’t beaten Germany in a tournament since 1958’

 Going into the game, France have their pretty much their ideal starting line up, and are only missing Real Madrid player Karim Benzema. No doubt if the team can play as well as they did in the first 45 against Iceland, Germany might come away disappointed. Germany on the other seem to have been very unfortunate in the run up to the game, with 4 players now having been confirmed as unable to play including the likes of Schweinsteiger, Hummels, Gotze and Khedira, all of which were key players in the 2014 world cup victory. They’ve had the heart of there team taken from them, so its believed that Germany may really struggle to adapt to their losses.


‘Giroud says ‘’We’re ready for Germany’’ when interviewed’

 France are known to be a very strong side, especially on home turf. Its to nobody’s surprise that they have come this far, and the further they get the more of a reality winning their 3rd major international tournament in a row. But it really could be argued that France really haven’t warmed up as Germany have, and still have yet to face any of the tournaments heavy hitters after facing what can only be considered as average teams at best. So all in all, the game could go either way, and the betting side of this reflects that fact very heavily in the way that the odds are split almost exactly in half in terms of which team to favour.

Eyes will no doubt be looking out for the young Manchester United superstar Anthony Martial after he was missed in France’s last game right up until the 77th minute in which he was subbed on for Juventus player Pogba. It will no doubt be interesting to see what he can do with more time against a team of Germanys caliber, especially after his recent performances at Manchester United. On Germanys side of the field, people will be watching to see what Joachim Löw will be able to do with what’s left of the Germany team with so many players unable to start the game. In saying that, Germany are not without their fair share of top footballers, even with the missing few. Players such as Neuer and Ozil will be without a doubt challenge enough for France, but we are yet to see whether it’ll be enough.


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